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MegaHelium is the most Unique Rewards Token System released into Tokenomics. Earn both Bitcoin (BTCB) & MegaBitcoin (MBC) at the same time simply by holding MegaHelium (MHC) in your Cryptocurrency Wallet. The passive income that you receive will vary depending on the total amount of MegaHelium you hold and the token's daily trading volume.

What is MegaHelium

MegaHelium is a Global leading rewards token, having in place our innovative passive income system. Launched Live on the Binance Smart Chain, With our expanded team of developers, designers and marketing specialists. Our primary goal is to make MegaHelium a top 1–20 cryptocurrency project, while revolutionizing the passive income Web 3.0 movement. Introducing Staking and Nft’s in Development.

MegaHelium has already established a growing community of over 10k followers and members across are social media. We are bringing The Evolution of Passive Income to everyone.

MegaHelium’s vision for a completely new way to look at passive income is simple: Hold MegaHelium in your cryptocurrency wallet and let your investment do the rest! You will earn passive income 24 hours a day through our revolutionary blockchain-based tokenomics system. A very different way to see passive income from traditional sources like rental properties, royalties or stock dividends.

Initially your rewards are generated from every Buy, Sell, or Transfer of MegaHelium Token (MHC) based on the total amount of (MHC) you hold.

When our development of revenue generating utilities are launched, these will create further sources of passive income for the Holders of MHC. These include 2% of all buy transactions and sell transactions being converted into helium (HNT) and then staked into the helium staking pool, The net-profits from this income stream will be used for our Newest revolutionary BuyBack & Burn function, all Helium staked will buy MHC on the open market, creating green candles and auto burn the tokens to decrease the supply and consumption of tokens available, removing tokens permanently from circulation of supply and decreasing the total amount available rapidly overtime.

MegaHelium Nft’s will be the most advanced function on the binance smart chain with creative and unique art from artist all over the world these pieces of art will have some very unique tools for there holders.
MegaHelium and MegaBitcoin holders will be able to use (MHC) or (MBC) to purchase the NFT’s Any (MHC) or (MBC) that was used for purchases we will burn the tokens, removing them permanently from circulation and decreasing the total supply.
There will still be the option to purchase the Nft’s with binance smart chain currency.

10% of all the BNB raised from the mint will be used to Purchase MHC tokens and immedietaly Airdropped to any NFT Holders. Additionally 50% will be used to purchase more (MHC) tokens and a combination of a stable token to pair with to add with liquidty, along with there will be a 10% royalities off the buys and sells of the NFTS 5% to purchase MegaHelium tokens ( MHC ) and distrubituing them back to the NFT holders for holding.
3% to improve and grow added Tools and Utility’s for the NFT collection and 2% royalities for the the development team.

How to purchase MegaHelium Token (MHC)

in this video we will show you how to buy and sell the MegaHelium Token (MHC) starting with The creation of your Trust wallet or MetaMask wallet.

Contract address: 0x54BAa9eB1438Ab67893bd12AE9Ddc2f4A08b4cB4

Always double check the contract address with CoinMarketCap listing!
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A talented group of experienced business leaders, developers and marketing specialists, the team is overseen by Cameron Sass, an award–winning investment Specialist and entrepreneur whose expertise and experience has over 12 years in business.
Lead Developer Trenten Lee and Marketing Manager Garrett Harbachak both bring years of experience to their roles, with (ROB) being The Lead Administrator and business owner/investor.

Cameron Sass

Head of Operations

Trenten Lee

Lead Developer


Lead Administrator

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to message one of the staff below.

You can chat with us on Telegram (@CamGoingHam_WillNeverDMFirst)   and (@trentenlee) or by email.

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and please give atleast up to 24 hours for a response back.

MegaHelium Tokenomics

The word “tokenomics” (token + economics) describes a crypto token’s supply and demand characteristics, tax structure, fees and rewards.
MegaHelium is the first major token to offer passive income via a innovative token distribution strategy and improved advancement of tokenomics.
Each transaction (Buy, Sell or Transfer) the contract is implemented with a 14% transaction fee you may need to increase the the slippage fee to a maximum of 17 % for the transaction to go through which is automatically distributed in the following way:
5% Automatic Rewards System for Holders.
4% (HNT) Staking Platform and Manual Buy-back and Burn System.
3% Automatic liquidity pool to add stable growth.
2% Automatic Buy-back System.

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Investing in cryptocurrency, including the economic system including MegaHelium (the Token) is a high risk and the value of your investments can increase and decrease from your fellow investors or the market conditions. The purchase of cryptocurrency is not legal in all countries/states. Please take legal/tax advice before considering any investment. MegaHelium Ltd (the Company) is a non-profit organization responsible for marketing MegaHelium (the Token) and cannot be held responsible for any breaches in local law or regulation as a result of you purchasing MegaHelium (the Token). Nothing stated on this website or on any content produced by MegaHelium Ltd (the Company) should be considered as a recommendation to invest. DYOR 🚀

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